Gluten Free

Cold Appetizers

Beef Carpaccio Thin slices of beef tenderloin with capers, lemon vinaigrette, arugula and shaved parmigiano 12.95*
Imperial Black figs, fresh mozzarella, mandarin orange in honey citrus vinaigrette 10.50
Bocconcini Fresh mozzarella, plum tomatoes, roasted peppers, marinated mushrooms and basil in a balsamic extra virgin oil 11.95
Mezze Assortment of vegetarian spreads: hummus, baba ganoush, yogurt cucumber mint, eggplant, marinated beets and pita or multigrain crackers (gluten free) add 2$
Full: Serves 4 22.95
Half: Serves 2 15.50

Hot Appetizers

Grilled Calamari Calamari marinated in olive oil, garlic, fresh herbs, served over arugula with a lemon balsamic vinaigrette 12.50

Soups & Salata

Lentil Traditional yellow lentil soup 7.50
“Figs” Salad Baby spinach, figs, mandarin orange topped with pistachio and served with figs balsamic dressing 9.50
House Salad Mix garden marinated mushrooms, cucumbers, plum tomato, red onion and shredded carrots with house dressing. 9.25
Arugula Salad Arugula, fresh diced tomatoes, red onions, mozzarella served with a balsamic vinaigrette 9.50
Mediterranean Fresh diced tomatoes, kalamata olives, roasted peppers, cucumbers, red onions, over arugula topped with feta cheese, served with red wine vinaigrette 9.75
Add to salad:
Grilled Chicken 11.00
Grilled Shrimp 15.00
Grilled Calamari 12.00
Grilled Salmon 16.00
Grilled Tuna 17.00


Sautéed Spinach With Garlic and Olive Oil 7.95
Sautéed Broccoli With Garlic and Olive Oil or steamed 6.95

Vegetarian & Pasta

Vegetable Tagine A combination of mushrooms, eggplant, preserved lemon, peas, cubed potatoes, and onions stewed in a garlic and extra virgin olive oil fresh tomato sauce, served with basmati rice 20.50


Shrimp Kebob Jumbo shrimp, charbroiled with grilled tomatoes, onions and bell peppers, served with yogurt cucumber mint salad and basmati rice 26.50
Grilled Salmon Norwegian salmon served with green olives and capers in a scampi sauce, served with potatoes and vegetables 28.95*
Corvina Fish Sautéed with mushrooms, peas, oven dried tomatoes, finished with garlic white wine sauce and served with potatoes and vegetables 26.95

Poultry & Veal

Chicken Kebob Cubed chicken breast marinated in yogurt, charbroiled with grilled tomatoes, red onions and peppers, served with yogurt cucumber mint salad and basmati rice 23.95
Chicken Tagine Cubed chicken breast baked with mushrooms, porcini, poached pears, dried apricots, pine nuts, caramelized onion, carrots and creamy garlic white wine served with basmasti rice 23.95
Duck Roasted duck refined with fig chutney, port wine sauce, served with potatoes and vegetables 31.95


Adana Kebob Skewered ground lamb and beef, special seasoning, grilled tomatoes, red onions, green pepper, yogurt cucumber mint salad and basmasti rice 25.95
Lamb Tagine Stew of cubed lamb baked with carrots, celery, onion, mushrooms, chick peas, preserved lemon and served with basmati rice 30.95

We cannot guarantee that cross-contact with foods containing gluten will not occur.
When placing your order, please let your server know that you are ordering a gluten-free menu item.

*Consuming raw or uncooked meat, poultry, seafood or shellfish may increase your risk of food- borne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.