Dessert and Coffee

International Coffee

Irish Coffee Jameson Irish Whiskey, coffee and whipped cream, touch of green créme de menthe 9.95
French Coffee Grand Marnier, Baileys topped with whipped cream 10.95
Jamaican Coffee Tia Maria, coffee and whipped cream 9.75
Figs Coffee Amaretto and créme de cocoa, topped with whipped cream 10.50
Spanish Coffee Brandy and Kahlua with whipped cream 9.50
Cappuccino Prepared with espresso, hot milk, and steamed milk foam 5.50
Espresso 3.95
Coffee or Tea 3.50


Semi-frozen Chocolate Marquise Semi-sweet chocolate mousse, créme anglaise, with raspberry drizzle 8.95
Traditional Rice Pudding Whole milk, Italian rice, golden raisins, and pine nuts with crisp sugar glaze 5.95
Tiramisu 8.95
Créme Brûlée Traditional custard, homemade Figs confit with crisp sugar glaze 6.50
Coconut Flan 5.95
Vanilla or Chocolate Ice Cream 4.95
Tartufo Ice Cream Frozen chocolate shell filled with vanilla & chocolate ice cream, macadamia nuts & cherries 9.95
Lemon or Raspberry Sorbetto 6.50
Biscotti 5.50